Kongkee grew up in Hong Kong in the 1980s. He believed that "The World is a Big Playground". Published comic series since 2003: Imperfect Shoes, Rice-Gas, Détournements (co. Chihoi), Pandaman, Ding Ding Penguin...etc. Founder of Penguin Lab with Lawman in 2008. It focuses on comic and animation production, character licensing, product development and promotion.


Lawman is an artist, curator, script-writer, art teacher and tv cultural programme anchor, kind of an artist do whatever he could do. Lawman's artworks has been published in Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art (Serenella Ciclitira and Chang Tsong-Zung, Thames and Hudson, 2012). He curates pioneer projects like, "Detour - WanChai" (2004), "AiR - WanChai" (2005), "Wooferten" (2008). His ACG scripts include: "Howl the Mobile Fatty" (2013), "Saveur Térébenthine" (2014), "Blur the Magic Whip" (2015), etc.